311 Boxes!!!  We blew through our goal of 250 boxes and well surpased many of our expectations.  We also collected the boxes from the two school groups that worked on these boxes facilitated by Mandy Castonguay and Karen Wark.  We want to thank everyone for their willingness to donate and give of their time to assemble these boxes.  God is good!


The youth group had a bottle drive at the end of October and raised $277.96!  We wanted to thank everyone who collected their bottles for us to help us collect such a large amount!  We also want to thank the Washburn Redemption Center for their willingness to take all our bottles on short notice!  Thanks again!


Dunntown Advent Christian Church has upgraded its website!  Finally right?!  Dunntown has moved its hosting and built a new site based on Joomla, an open source CMS system.  This will help to keep it up to date and more manageable by more people. We hope to keep you all on top of whats going on at Dunntown and make more resources available to our congregation AND our community.  Feel free to check back as often as possible for updates and event listings!

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