We are an Advent Christian Church, dedicated to proclaiming the salvation of the lost through Jesus Christ, and the shared hope of his return. All are welcome to join us in our life together, regardless of your beliefs, lack of belief, past history, or present circumstances.

As a church, there are two documents that guide our life together. Our Confession of Faith outlines our understanding of what the Bible teaches on subjects that have been the subject of discussion throughout history. We do not require (or expect) every person who attends or becomes a member to adhere to every element of this confession, but this is what we, as a church, will be teaching and devoting our resources to.

The Church Covenant is the promise that the members of the church make to one another, to walk together and hold one another up. If you are, or desire to be, a member of our church family, this is the standard that we hold one another to.