Contact the Church

Phone: 207-455-5970
Contact Us

Pastor Josh (call or text): 207-227-4631
Also on Facebook Messenger, and Zoom

Communication Methods

For the time being, we will be focusing on three primary ways to get updates to you: a private Facebook group, an email newsletter, and a paper newsletter

Private Facebook Group

There is a Facebook group that has been created where we can share prayer requests, helpful thoughts and articles, and generally encourage one another in an online setting that isn’t quite public for the whole world to see. You can ask to join the group by visiting

Email Newsletter

Each week, we will be sending out an email newsletter that contains updates on how you can connect, and how you can help serve. To sign up for the email newsletter, visit

Paper Newsletter

For those who are not able to receive our email newsletter, we are happy to send a paper copy. Please call the church at 207-455-5970 and we will add you to that list.

Ways to Be Involved

There are three primary ways for us to remain connected as a church during this time of seperation: Sunday Worship, Small Groups, Morning Bible Study. Each of these events can be accessed via the internet, or by an ordinary phone. To access via phone, please dial the number listed, and enter the provided Meeting ID when prompted. If you need help getting this figured out, just let us know and we will find a way to make it work for you.

Sunday Worship – Each of these will be playing the exact same video – Youtube seems to be the most reliable, and can be used on most Smart TVs, Roku, or Apple TV, just search “Dunntown AC” in the Youtube app.

Small Groups – Men’s Group Tuesday night, 6:30pm, Open Group Thursday night, 7:30pm

Morning Bible Study – Daily at 9am, recorded and posted to the Dunntown Facebook group


Giving can be done online at, or checks can be mailed to 17 Porter Street, Washburn, Maine, 04786